Wine is a Celebration!  A celebration of life, a celebration of love and a celebration of time spent with the special people in our lives. Wine Bling™ started as a fun alternative to ice and watered-down wine. After years of putting ice in my wine to keep it cool and then complaining about how it ruined the taste, I decided to come up with a spirited solution. Sure, there were other reusable ice cubes out there, but they were usually soft and squishy, small and, well... not at all fun. The idea of making a reusable ice cube in the shape of a princess cut gem that shimmered and sparkled in the sunlight was born.

Wine Bling™ Sparkling Gem Chillers do a great job of keeping your wine chilled longer, but more importantly they are a fabulous way to dress up your glass and have some fun with your friends. Any chance that you have to share a cocktail or a glass of wine with people you love should feel like a celebration!

So drop some Wine Bling™ Sparkling Gem Chiller in your glass and